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Worst carol ever . . . right?

This post is in honor of my roommate, Kait, who hates everything about Christmas.

But, Kaaaaaaaaait! Whyyyyyyyyy? I loooooooooooooove Christmas!

See the problem here? Two people, under the same roof, whose feelings about December 25th and the entire month-long preparation and celebration that comes along with it, are on totally different ends of the spectrum. See diagram below:

But! I knew a compromise was possible.


Things Kait loves: wood, gold, black, brown and any other neutral. 

Things I love: wood, gold, black, brown and any other neutral.

We both also love the atypical, so all of these things factored into my decorative choices this year. While on my hunt, I came across the products above that I thought suited the alternative.

I / Wrapped around vases and pots, these knotted, natural, birch bark strips lend a holiday, winter "charm" to almost anything, including fresh seasonal greens.

II / Wouldn't the perfect home for these Pup and Cub Origami Ornaments be on a christmas tree in a child's room?

III / This tree topper is a JASPR favorite. So much so, that it happens to be my tree topper (see below)! Oh, West Elm! I'm not sure I've ever left you're website without spendin' a $ or two . . . or 100. Oops.

Sidenote: I spy my John Kline piece I recently received in the mail. Eeeep!

IV / A christmas decor DIY! Gold branches

V / These wood chip tree's are another West Elm item I've incorporated into my holiday decor! Their delicacy and detail, most visible in person, is what makes them one of my top picks!

VI / There isn't much for me to say about this Weathered Antler Wreath. It's beauty speaks for itself.

VII / Add an element of new art to your home during the holiday season. This print by Mike and Doug Starn was on of my favorites I stumbled upon.

VIII / I have a love-hate relationship with tree ornaments, but when I find one I love I can't seem to resist. These double glass sphere ornaments are SEX-AY!

IV / I'm not usually one for sparkle overload, which is why I loooooove the idea of adding elements of MATTE metallic to brighten your home during the dreary winter months. I can't do boatloads of glitter...I just can't. So the subtle touch of gold sheen in these throw pillows would be the perfect solution.


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