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Photographer and former college classmate, Matt Eich, launched his new website this morning. In Eich's own words: "His work is rooted in memory, both personal and collective, and he strives to approach every photograph with a sense of intimacy."

I've been following Matt's work for some time now. He is an inspiration and motivates me to produce creatively. I could view his images endlessly as his body of work is always evolving and growing with his current projects.

His award winning photography and storytelling in essays like Sin and Salvation in Baptist Town, Trouble in the Water, and Carry me Ohio is eye-opening—photographically introducing his viewers to the different issues and adversity faced by the struggling communites in society every day.

Today, I'm sharing his documentation of his family from his ongoing project "Love in the First Person." The project began when Eich was 20 years old (2007), a college student, and had fallen in love with a girl, Melissa. He would then learn he had won the prestigious award of College Photographer of the Year. As his dream of traveling the world with his camera in tow was now likely to come true, he learned that he had a new reality to face at home: Melissa was pregnant.

The images above were selected from the essay that Eich explains "documents some of the moments and emotions experienced as we transitioned from college, to marriage, and parenthood."

These images deliver the intimacy that Matt speaks of in his work. The essay gives an inside look into the life of the Eich family. After viewing the essay, I feel devoted to the story of their lives and as if I've been a part of their journey.

Their story can also be viewed in motion—Part I and Part II.

Matt Eich's bio

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Oh my. Thank you for introducing me to such beauty.

3.22.2012 | Unregistered CommenterLowell

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