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This past weekend I teamed up with photographer Peter Larson and fellow stylist Dana Sabota for a shoot using veggies and fruit purchased at Rooted in Cleveland—one of my favorite produce stands at The West Side Market. I had been wanting to prop style something with food for some time and I knew Dana and Pete were the two creatives that would have a vision similar to mine to make it all happen.

Dana and I met before the shoot and discussed the muliple directions and aesthetics we could take with the series and in the end, the images above are what we decided on.

We spent most of Saturday playing with food—creating magenta tinted water with dried Hibiscus flowers, weaving chives, smashing paw paws and tomatoes and balancing squashes on forks.

Dana also spent a lot of time educating me on vegetables (haha) as I purchased most of the produce because I liked the way it looked, not because I knew what the name of it was.

I must note that is was so refreshing to challenge myself to push my ideas past the obvious solutions of prop styling for food.

I often get emails from young creatives asking me if I have any tips or recommendations to help them improve their work and continue to get better. One of my first responses to them is to do work for YOURSELF. Create projects where YOU are behind the ideas and execution and your vision is what shows in the finished product. The process of self-motivated projects is essential to staying true to your aesthetic in your body of work and that is something I was once again reminded of during this shoot.

So, thanks to Pete and Dana for collaborating with me. And thanks to Rooted in Cleveland for the opportunity to be able to buy beautiful produce all grown locally in areas in and around Clevelandtown.

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Reader Comments (2)

I love this shoot! So much fun and creative and I appreciate wanting a fresh challenge. BTW, I just tasted my first paw paw yesterday - in ice cream form - yum!

10.2.2013 | Unregistered Commenterheidi

"cherry tomatoes" was my favorite. I wish the chives piece was a barrette I could buy.

10.2.2013 | Unregistered CommenterAA

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