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Food styling: Heidi Robb  //  Art Direction and Prop Styling: Kelley Shaffer  //  Photography: Emily Metzger

We kept it simple for the celebratory year-end Chou Doun: oysters and champagne! Heidi chooses to serve them with her homemade red wine vinegar (I was too nervous to ask her to share her secret recipe . . . maybe next year).

I hope 2013 has treated you wonderfully. If it hasn't, you're still in luck because tonight is about looking forward and bringing in 2014 with a big ol' bang. Whether that means partying in times square, toasting at a local bar or cuddling up on the couch with a pint of ice cream and a good (or shitty) movie, be sure to celebrate all the GREAT in your life—and don't tell me you've got nothing, there is always, always something. No? Look closer.

As far as the future goes, I've got my fingers crossed in hopes that the new year fulfills all your needs, wants, dreams, wishes, etc.

One thing that was particularly awesome in 2013 was the growth in numbers of you, my JASPR readers. I'm so thankful for each and every one of you, as amongst many other things, you give me a reason to create.

And for the first time in this blog's (somewhat brief) history, I have the opportunity to thank my contributors who have been an enormous help to me throughout 2013 to keep the blog content flowin'. Peter Larson, Dana Sobota, Paul Sobota, Erica McKeehen, Heidi Robb, Emily Metzger—you're all incredibly badass and talented and nice and generous and . . . . . .




Styled by Dana Sobota

I know JASPR has been especially slow (boring) this holiday season and I appreciate you all continuing to check back for new content. I had DIYs, gift guides and this post planned and I just wasn't able to find the time to get it all done. Thanks to stylist/super mom Dana Sobota (I honestly don't know how she juggles it all, folks), I was able to get this project and post completed. 

Styled by Kelley Shaffer

Dana and I each took on two different aesthetics and both decorated one mantle and one side board. It was fun to challenge ourselves with design genres that weren't necessarily 100% our own to come up with an option for everyone.

Styled by Kelley Shaffer

Although this post was intented to be published a few days ago, I find it appropriate that it ended up happening Chistmas Day. Why? Welll . . . (I'm going to get super sappy here) Dana is one of the things I'm most grateful for in 2013 and gaining a best friend is one of the best Christmas gifts I could ever ask for. There are few people that can make decorating four holiday vignettes in one day enjoyable (especially while juggling a 1 year old, dog and countless props) but Dana is one of them and that makes me super lucky to call her a friend.

Styled by Dana Sobota

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I'll see you back here soon!



Yo, yo, yo!

So, you ask: Where the efffff have I been? Busy. Silly busy. With this blog. Making it better. All the time. For you.

Forgive me.

This post is part one of the latest series of gift guides ever. But gift guides are good anytime, right? You can use them for birthdays, holidays, or just regular days.

The gift guide above is for the little ones in your life and was curated by stylist Dana Sobota. Enjoy!

I / II / III / IV / V / VI / VII / VIII / IX



Friend, fellow Bobcat alumn and photographer Dustin Franz recently made some major updates to his Tumblr. I had a look around tonight and made this mini edit of my favorites for you.



Today I bring more good JASPR news! We've got the start of another new column: Plated. Stylist Dana Sobota and I will be teaming up for it conceptualzing ideas and styling various types of foods, ingredients, etc. "plated" the way we love. The column will focus more on the presentation of food and less on the recipes which can be found in Chou Doun.

This first post focuses on the idea of a minimalist Thanksgiving. Turkey Day is only two days away so this type of an aesthetic/approach might be your best option if you haven't started planning yet.

While I was on set to give small amounts of feedback and contribute a few props, Dana and her husand photographer Paul Sobota spearheaded the majority of this production—including cooking this entire meal for us to indulge in post-shoot.

You can find another collaboration from Dana and I here.



Feeling inspired by this recent MIJLO project in which they reached out to a select group of global creatives to curate a collection of essential items with timeless style. There are more details to the story that are definitely worth learning about, so I strongly recommend checking it out here. MIJLO has also designed "A Better Backpack" which accompanies the curations as a part of the project mentioned above. The minimal and functional design of the backpack—made from time-tested materials—reinforces the idea of sustainable design being the key to a sustainable future. If you find yourself wanting to get your paws on the bag after reading this post, you can back "A Better Backpack" on Kickstarter and receive the product for doing so!

And . . . 


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+ A lot to love in this space.

+ This vintage set of brass and copper utensils makes my heart pitter patter.







My instagram feed sure has been looking good lately.




Someone buy these coasters and invite me over for adult beverages—the cross design preferably. Wink.