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Today I bring more good JASPR news! We've got the start of another new column: Plated. Stylist Dana Sobota and I will be teaming up for it conceptualzing ideas and styling various types of foods, ingredients, etc. "plated" the way we love. The column will focus more on the presentation of food and less on the recipes which can be found in Chou Doun.

This first post focuses on the idea of a minimalist Thanksgiving. Turkey Day is only two days away so this type of an aesthetic/approach might be your best option if you haven't started planning yet.

While I was on set to give small amounts of feedback and contribute a few props, Dana and her husand photographer Paul Sobota spearheaded the majority of this production—including cooking this entire meal for us to indulge in post-shoot.

You can find another collaboration from Dana and I here.



Feeling inspired by this recent MIJLO project in which they reached out to a select group of global creatives to curate a collection of essential items with timeless style. There are more details to the story that are definitely worth learning about, so I strongly recommend checking it out here. MIJLO has also designed "A Better Backpack" which accompanies the curations as a part of the project mentioned above. The minimal and functional design of the backpack—made from time-tested materials—reinforces the idea of sustainable design being the key to a sustainable future. If you find yourself wanting to get your paws on the bag after reading this post, you can back "A Better Backpack" on Kickstarter and receive the product for doing so!

And . . . 


+ A great stocking stuffer

+ Admiring these boots as well as a few of the other kicks in this Etsy store.

+ I agree with Bri over at designlovefest: Beauties.

+ An interesting post on Apartment Therapy polling readers about their feelings on open shelving in the kitchen. I vote a combination of both shelves and cabinets is the perfect balance! Do you have a preference?

+ Also from Apartment Therapy, a helpful tip for removing water rings from furniture.

+ Just might have to download this podcast and give it a listen!

+ These words.

+ A beautiful makeunder.

+ A lot to love in this space.

+ This vintage set of brass and copper utensils makes my heart pitter patter.







My instagram feed sure has been looking good lately.




Someone buy these coasters and invite me over for adult beverages—the cross design preferably. Wink.



I recently was snooping around on Design*Sponge, found this post annnnnnd fell in love with Cassie Griffin's incredible pottery/ceramics. I'm particularly drawn to the hand painted/illustrated aesthetic of some of her work in addition to her pairing of both matte and glossy finishes on individual pieces.



These, my friends, are the trash bins I see in my dreams. The good news is they're available at Schoolhouse Electric. I always knew garbage could look this good.




Have a look at this quick little design bit from Cleveland graphic designer (and friend) Garrett Haas

Speaking of "glass half full" . . . 


+ More reasons why Pittsburgh rules. Also, why did people stop saying that word? One of my faves—especially when spelled with a "z". You know, like . . . RULEZ. Awesome.

+ Totally not a germophobe, but these fun facts are pretty gross.

+ Sayyyyyyyy whaaaaaaaaaaat

+ New makeup brushes from MAC that look like a toothbrush. I'm intrigued.

+ The CUTEST thing ever. Trying to cuddle up with these two.

+ Really digging Need Supply's gift set up.

+ A DIY I must attempt. Plus, I'm overdue for a trip to the mothership, IKKKEAAAAAAAA!

+ The happiest hours in Cleveland.

+ This story has been all over the internet, but I'm still sharing it because I think it is magical, heartwarming, uplifting, joyful, hopeful and the list continues. Plus, my brother was a HUGE batman fan growing up (he still is), so it strikes a special chord in this heart of mine.

+ Okay, so there were a lot of super cute things on the internet this week but this is the last one I'll share with you. I have given this video at least 15+ views and I laugh equally as hard every time.

+ A little bit of Lucius for you on this Monday afternoon.

+ I can get down with this trend

+ Reminding myself of these words constantly. 



Finding this sentiment to be (painfully) true lately, so I designed this quick little diddy to share with all of you. Art therapy, perhaps? Heh.

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